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First Turkish Cuisine

When the taste meets place

The story of the story is not like the rest of the stories, we take you to live a complete experience .. The magic of the present and past and splendor beauty We will take your hand to the Ottoman era in detail .. To live the principles of generosity and hospitality .. To experience the luxury of taste and saturation of the senses to live Emira capped the majesty .. Enjoy the best of good .. The hot Turkish soft bread .. Tell you how the Ottomans were hanging bread on the trees in the winter to eat hungry birds. We will take you with our wide variety of appetizers to the Ottomans when they distributed the food in small dishes to make sure that all types and tastes of those sitting on the trip. We will also introduce you to the world of Ottoman princes to give you the experience of the well-selected kebab patties with melted cheese, as well as the rich flavor of Kebab Alexander. Please sit down with us and open your board for your participation to share the experience, and you are welcome to enter a committee of blissful flavors and a balanced meal, welcome or as you say Hoşgeldiniz